Exemplo de proftpd.conf

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# ProFTPd configuration file

# Daemon configuration
ServerName              "FTP Server"
ServerType              standalone
DisplayConnect          /etc/issue.net
AllowOverride           off
AllowOverwrite          off
AllowForeignAddress     off
DeleteAbortedStores     on
DefaultServer           on
DeferWelcome            on
ServerIdent             off
UseReverseDNS           on
IdentLookups            off
TimesGMT                off
UseGlobbing             on
MultilineRFC2228        on
ShowSymlinks            off
RootLogin               off
RequireValidShell       no
DenyFilter              *.*/
ListOptions             +R strict

# Lockdown connections and connection attemps
MaxClients              3 "The maximum number of allowed users (%m) are already connected."
MaxInstances            3
MaxClientsPerUser       3 "The maximum number of clients (%m) for this user already connected."
MaxHostsPerUser         3 "The maximum number of hosts (%m) for this user already connected."
MaxClientsPerHost       1 "The maximum number of clients (%m) from your host are already connected."
MaxLoginAttempts        1

# Lockdown TCP stack
Port                    21
PassivePorts            63570 63750
SocketOptions rcvbuf    8192
SocketOptions sndbuf    8192
CommandBufferSize       512
tcpBackLog              5
tcpNoDelay              on
TransferRate            APPE,STOR 12000
TransferRate            RETR 12000

# Log format and location
LogFormat               default "%t %h %a %s %m %f %b %T \"%r"\"
ExtendedLog             /var/log/proftpd ALL default
SystemLog               /var/log/proftpd ALL default
TransferLog             /var/log/proftpd ALL default

# Limit login times and timeouts to drop dead clients.
TimeoutLogin            60
TimeoutIdle             60
TimeoutNoTransfer       60
TimeoutStalled          60
TimeoutSession          28800

# Setup fake properties
DirFakeGroup            on      ftp
DirFakeUser             on      ftp
DirFakeMode             0400

# User Access Control

Deny        All

# Anonymous configuration

User         ftp
Group        nogroup
UserAlias    anonymous ftp
HideNoAccess on

Allow   All

Deny    All

Allow   ALL

Umask   022  022

Allow   All