Restringindo recursos pelo Registro do Windows

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Artigo em inglês que mostra exemplos de como restringir o acesso a recursos do sistema operacional Windows pelo registro do sistema

You can add these DWORD values with an integer value of 0 or 1. 1 turns them on 0 is the same as them not even being there.

NoDeletePrinter : Disables printer deletion
NoAddPrinter : Disables printer adding
NoRun : Removes run from the start menu
NoSetFolders : Removes folders from the Settings option on Start Menu
NoSetTaskbar : Removes taskbar settings
NoFind : removes find from the start menu
NoDrives : Hides all drives in My Comuter
NoNetHood : Removes network neighborhood icon from the desktop
NoDesktop : Hides ALL items on the desktop
NoClose : Disables Shutdown
NoRecentDocHistory : Removes recent docs from start menu
ClearRecentDocsOnExit : Clears doc menu on exit
NoInternetIcon : Removes internet icon from desktop

Can also create key

NoDispCPL : Hides trhe control panel
NoDispBackgroundPage : Hides background change page
NoDispScrsavPage : Hides the screen saver page
NoDispAppearancePage: Hides appearance setting page
NoSecCPL : Hides secure control panel
NoPwdPage : Hides change password page
NoAdminPage : Hides remote admin page
NoProfilePage : Hides user profile page
NoDevMgrPage : Hides device manager page
NoConfigPage : Hides hardware profiles page
NoFileSysPage : Hides file system button
NoVirtMemPage : Hides Virtual Memory Button

Can also create key

Disabled : Disables MS-DOS prompt
NoRealMode : Disable Single-Mode MS-DOS

Can also create key
NoNetSetupSecurityPage : Hides network security page
NoNelSetup : Hides Network options in control panel
NoNetSetupIDPage : Hides ID page
NoNetSetupSecurityPage : Hides access control page
NoFileSharingControl : Disables file sharing controls
NoPrintSharing : Disables print share control